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DAV Burla stands for humanity


Amid nationwide lockdown in the wake of the corona virus outbreak, DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, MCL, BURLA, has launched massive efforts for supplying cooked food, masks and created social awareness amongst the poor and destitute, beside ensuring food security for migrant labourers and slum dwellers stranded in the nearby villages especially in the Leprosy Colony, Laxmidunguri, after being deprived of their livelihood during the lockdown, which has been extended till May 3. The PM’s much-publicised assurance that “no one will go to bed hungry” has prompted the school administration to devise its own strategies for extending relief to poor and marginalised people with the provision of hygienically-cooked food.

The slum dwellers, beggars and village labourers, who have been rendered jobless sitting at home without work after the lockdown was enforced, say that the food assistance received is the only source of sustenance for their family. The Transport truck drivers and helpers hardly get any cooked food during their long route journey on Highways. The volunteer employees of the school distribute them cooked food packets standing at the Highway roadside. The mammoth task of providing food to the needy is performed by meticulous planning of distress locations and strategies therewith. The Principal Mrs. Rashmi Mishra along with the staff and teachers have come forward to provide food to daily wagers, homeless and other people affected by the extended lockdown.

The volunteers have been taking necessary hygiene precautions by wearing gloves and face masks and using hand sanitizers during food distribution.  Apart from extending food provision, the staff of the school also distribute masks to the bank employees in different Branches i.e. State bank of India, Burla, Bank of India, Sambalpur etc. and spread awareness about the health and hygiene tips according to the advisory of the Govt of India Guidelines. The school also salutes to the CORONA WARIER likes Doctors, Police personnel, Sweepers, Reporters and others who have been working round the clock for our well being .

This uncertainty has only deepened the panic and chaos among us. The Principal Mrs. Rashmi Mishra has ushered a ray of light along with the employees of the school which creates a rare example of human charity and intrinsic value for the students. DAV BURLA feels “God created humans and DAV creates humanity”. As human beings, it’s our responsibility to help the most vulnerable amongst us in their time of need and hats up to the DAV teams for their relentless effort.

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